Work With the Clients You Love

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How to love what you do

After you’ve been in business for a while, you get a feeling for the people/clients whom you’d rather work with and the ones that you’d rather watch from afar. Believe me, every business owner has those client-types that you absolutely love, even if you aren’t sure of what that “type” is.

If you think about it, the thought of working with a specific type of client makes perfect sense. You aren’t friends with everybody, why should you have to work with everyone?

You may not know what your specific, perfect client-type is, but you will discover it soon enough. Look over these points to help you out.

Excerpt from my forthcoming book: UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting.

As an entrepreneur, you possess the power to create a vehicle to help the people you serve fix their problem. But in order to help others, you first have to get clear on three things:

  • Who you serve
  • What they want
  • How you will solve their problem

Who you serve

These are your ideal clients/customers, the people you most want to work with, who are looking for the solution you provide, and who are willing to pay your fees. The key to figuring out who your ideal clients/customers are is to look through your list of current clients.

We all have those clients we love to work with or would love to work with. You know the ones who actually listen to what you tell them to do and then go do it. The ones who hang on your every word, ask the right questions, and then achieve fabulous results. They are also the ones who continue to patronize your business and become brand advocates, meaning they not only buy from you, but enlist their followers to buy from you also.

How to find your ideal clients/customers

Everything you’ll read in this book is designed to help you appeal to your ideal prospects in such a way that when they see, hear, or read your content, they immediately think, “She’s talking to me!”


If you could work with just one type of client, all day, every day, what type of person would this be? For the purpose of this exercise, think in terms of a single person, not necessarily a group of people. In fact, develop a visual of this ideal client; similar to an avatar.


We’ve gone microscopic and created a single ideal client avatar, let’s take this to the macro level. You want clients, with an “s,” so now, let’s consider where those clients might hang out with others who have a common set of problems. For example, if your ideal prospect is a health coach or someone who helps other people lose weight, get in shape, or develop healthy habits, she would most likely be a member of a health-related association or organization like the International Association for Health Coaches or the Health, Living, and Healthcare Facebook group. Use this information to search the Internet for health clubs, health organizations, and health-related groups in your area and online.

When you find groups that interest you, decide whether you will invest time and/or money in joining or visiting them in person. Again, the idea is to find groups where your ideal prospects hang out. Follow the groups on social media, bookmark their websites, subscribe to their newsletters, and observe their online communications.

What they want

My mentor, Rob Schultz, is a business coach, speaker, and online strategist. He says that to be successful you have to sell your ideal prospects what they want, then when they purchase, give them what they need.

That may sound counterintuitive, but it isn’t, and here’s why. Buying is an emotional decision; therefore, people buy what they want, not what they need. For example, your ideal prospects may wish they had more time in the day to do what needs to be done, but have no idea how to accomplish this. Since you classify yourself as a productivity coach, you create a product that will help them.

Now that you are on the right track with who makes up your target audience, what they want from you, and how to connect with them, let’s look at how to get your perfect client-type to be drawn to you as their unique service provider. When you work with the type of client that brings out the best in you, in turn; you bring out the best in them.

Read on to see how you can locate and work with your perfect client-type that makes you smile from ear to ear.

  1. First things first, survey your audience, including your present and past clients, to see who’s who. It takes just a few simple questions to let you know if you’re talking the right talk to the right people. You can use Survey Monkey, polls, or even the “plain ole telephone.” Either one or a combination of all three will give you the answers you seek.
  2. Once you get the answers back and review them, you’ll have to decide if your message is reaching the right people or if you need to make adjustments. Don’t be afraid to start over. If you have a great message that no one is buying into, you’re wasting your time anyway.
  3. You have the right message for the right people, let’s see where they hang out, both online and off. Like-minded people and people striving for similar outcomes usually hang out together. Check online groups—of course Facebook groups—local chambers, networking organizations, and industry associations, to name a few.
  4. Time to mingle. You know where your unique, perfect audience hangs out, go and meet some of them. You may not have to look any further than your computer or smartphone because you might be able to connect via social media, but other times you’ll have to transport your body to an actual place. 😆
  5. This is where the rubber meets the road. Get to know your potential clients by building a relationship with them. There are plenty of clients to go around and you only need a certain number to reach your goals. But we’re talking about going deeper than just securing a client. I want you to “want” to work with these clients. I want you to be excited about them and their projects. That’s the secret to success and to building lasting client relationships that are a WIN/WIN for both of you.

By taking the time to build relationships with the clients you love to work with, you’ll accomplish three things.

  1. You’ll be able to quickly recognize the clients with whom you’ll have an awesome working relationship, therefore weeding out the undesirables.
  2. You and your client will be able to establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship that will produce greatness from you both.
  3. You can build a steady stream of referrals from happy, satisfied clients because they can’t help but rave about how great you are.

Now, there’s no reason not to work with the clients you love so you can both have awesome experiences. Think of it this way, your client achieves peace of mind and instead of dreading even talking to them, you can’t wait to show them the finished project. WIN/WIN.

If you are struggling with locating and connecting with your unique, perfect client-type, we need to talk. Schedule your Online WOW! Assessment so we can go over where you are missing out on clients and what you can do to stop it right now.



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