5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Working for Yourself

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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Working for Yourself

“If this were my company, I . . .” That thought is the driver behind you going out on your own and starting your business. If you’re anything like me, it was hard for you to work for others. For me, I always wanted to change the rules or change the way they did things. That’s why I make a much better entrepreneur than I do an employee ?

Even if you were exemplary working for someone else, the thought that you could do better on your own was never far from your mind. Then, you did it! You went out, on your own, and started doing your thing, your way. However, there are certain elements of working for yourself that no one ever really talks about.

Below, I outline 5 things everyone gets wrong about working for yourself and how you can turn things around and make them work for you.

  1. No More Boss

Yes, that’s what you think, at first, but then you realize you don’t have one boss, you have several – they’re now called “clients.” They aren’t bosses in the working-world sense, but they still control how much you get paid and when, and to some extent what you have to do to secure the payment. #LikeaBoss

Clients are your life-blood because without them, there’s no business, but—and this is a BIG BUT—you can’t afford clients to run you ragged.

Solution: Set Boundaries

It begins at the first interaction when you welcome your client on board. Give them clearly defined boundaries of what is acceptable and what isn’t. The number one boundary is Time. You need to have set office hours. It doesn’t matter what the hours are, they just have to work for you and you have to enforce them. The second most needed boundary is outlining exactly what you will do for the client. Be as detailed as needed, so that both of you have the same understanding.

  1. The END of Endless Meetings

I certainly wish this one was true, but it isn’t. There are legitimate reasons for having meetings, but it seems that corporate loves to take advantage and schedules meetings just for the heck of it.

Well, to tell the truth, meetings ARE a necessary part of the business fabric. They actually help to keep everything and everyone on track.

Solution: Have an Agenda

The thing that most people despise about meetings is when they are time-wasters. Don’t allow your meetings to earn that title. Have an agenda that covers the major points that need to be discussed, then stick to it. Yes, people love to chat, especially us women, but you are the leader, so keep everyone on track by following the agenda and bringing the conversation back to the main point.

  1. You Can Sleep in . . . Often

OK, OK stop laughing. I know you had that thought at least once when you were contemplating going out on your own, I know I did. But I learned very quickly that sleeping in sometimes leads to missing out. No, you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and survive rush-hour traffic on a daily basis, but you do have to stay alert and be on top of what’s going on.

Solution: Schedule Your Off Days and Downtime

Here’s where the employee-world has it right. You can only work so many hours or so many days at a time before you burn out. Then you’re no good to anyone. It’s the end of the year, so get out your calendar and schedule your vacations (with an “S”) and your off days, then make it happen.

  1. Classes be Gone!

You think to yourself that those weeklong trainings you had to endure are over 4-EVA, right? Wrong! Companies know that well-trained workers are productive workers. Corporate’s bottom line depends on productivity—your productivity. So, to ensure they get what they’re paying you for, companies send you to get trained. But why are those trainings so boring? Because you’re doing something for the company, not necessarily for you. Remember, its all about their bottom line, and yours; when you’re an employee working for a paycheck. But what happens when you’re out on your own? You still need classes! You may not need the classes the company chose, but you still need to include personal development, professional development, and continuing education in your investment plans.

Solution: Keep Learning on the List

When you’re creating your calendar for the new year, be sure to include courses, classes, programs, and conferences that help you:

  • Be better at what you do
  • Become a well-rounded individual
  • Stay grounded in your beliefs
  • Excel in your chosen craft or niche
  • Meet people that can Next Level your business
  1. Your Life will be Amazing!

The feeling of euphoria that you had when you first started your business was enough to keep you on cloud 9 for months. However, after a few obstacles popped up; securing new business, deciding on the best technology, dealing with less-than-perfect clients, to name a few, you’re waking up at 2am with visions of “How am I going to keep going?” visions in your head. Skipping meals, family time, and me-time is the norm, but it doesn’t have to continue on this route. You can get control, get your groove back, and get on the success track.

Solution: Take an Hour for YOU!

  • When was the last time you actually allowed Calgon to really take you away? Carved out some me-time? Or woke up ready to take on the day?
  • When was the last time you felt great about your business? Your life?

My long-time friend and colleague, Lynnis Woods-Mullins and I have a special treat for you. With both of us being long-time entrepreneurs ourselves, we know your struggles:

  • Taking little or no time for yourself
  • Struggling to make work-life and regular-life balance out
  • Making needed decisions that keep your business running smoothly

So we’ve come together and created a brand new, results-driven masterclass,

3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Women Entrepreneurs Make that KEEP them Feeling

Thursday, January 18, 2018
4pm EST / 7pm PST

Register Now

And we’re inviting you to attend. We’ve got the answers to help you get back on the success track with life and business.

See you there!


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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Working for Yourself



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