Reboot During the Holidays

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During this time of year, most people are thinking of family and spending time together. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re thinking about how you can use the holiday downtime to sharpen your entrepreneurial chops and get clear on your business plan.

You know a new year is coming and with it comes new opportunities to do what you do better. It doesn’t matter if this year was awesome or not quite up to snuff, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

While everyone else is partying and scrambling to get the best Christmas gifts, I invite you to take this time to reboot your brand, your business, and your life by examining what went right and what went wrong.

Here are 3 tips that will help you rejuvenate and reboot for success.

  1. Look at your numbers

Just writing that phrase gives me a headache. I’m not a numbers person, but when you’re in business that’s one of the most important things to know. You don’t have to dig into your calculus memories, keeping it simple will work wonders. I am certain that you have a record or list of how many sales you’ve made so far this year, correct? Get out that list and add it up.

Now look at how those sales came about.

  • Were they a result of email campaigns?
  • Speaking appearances?
  • Visits to your website?

Once you determine which sales came from where, you have a starting point where you can determine how to connect with more of those types of buyers.

Answer these questions:

  • Do you need to send more emails?
  • Where are the best places for you to speak?
  • Is your website equipped to handle more traffic and more sales?
  • How can you improve your numbers?

The key to making real change is to answer the questions honestly and plan to 5X or 10X the results in the upcoming year.

  1. Examine Your Relationships

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to move to another room. It’s an ego trip to be the one with all the answers, but it can stunt your growth; mentally, emotionally, and professionally.

Of course, you’re going to know more than your clients, which is why they come to you. But what about you, personally?

At the beginning of 2016, I set a goal to get clear on what it was I was supposed to be doing in my business. I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know exactly what. While on my quest, I found Pamela Bruner, a 7-figure coach who helps people create sustainable and profitable businesses. She was recommended to me by a good friend, so I attended her Atlanta Tour Stop, which was the beginning of my transformation journey.

After attending Pamela’s training, I knew that I needed an outsider’s view of what I was doing, so I could get to where I wanted to be. I realized that the key to my success and yours as well, lies in finding the right answers to your questions. Some answers will come from questions you don’t know you have. I got the assistance and the coaching that I needed and found the answers that were enough to put me on the straight road to success. Now, I am clear and on purpose as to what my mission is and the goals that I want to achieve. That is possible for you also.

Here’s the thing, I could not have made it to this point on my own and neither will you. You need assistance from someone outside of your comfort zone to help you stretch, learn, and grow.

  1. Rework Your Plan

There is a saying I use all the time, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” That is true on so many levels. But sometimes, even the greatest of plans need to be reexamined and reworked.

As you assess where you are in your business right now, think about how your present plan has helped you up to this point. Will this plan be good enough going forward? Or does it need to be revamped?

Chances are the plan you have in place right now is not big enough or daring enough to take you to the heights that you want to reach in 2017. If you’re going to be totally honest with yourself, you’ll see that too.

Now that you know that your plan is not enough, it’s time to tweak, change, or even redo it to fit the awesomeness that you’re about to unleash in 2017. Let’s Do It!

If you’re feeling unsure of how to integrate your awesome plan into your online presence, we need to talk. Schedule an Online WOW! Assessment with me so we can go over how your online presence matches up with your goals and also look at where you’re missing and losing out on clients and what you can do to fix that.



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