How to Get More Clients From Your Posts

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Last week, I explained what riding the hot trends is and showed you a couple examples of how to take advantage of those hot trends and rid them all the way to the bank.

If you missed that post, you can read it here.

This week, I’m showing you how to use your knowledge, authority, and unique experience to get more clients from those trending posts you’re creating.

What I’m showing you how to do is called “newsjacking.” That term was popularized by David Meerman Scott, author, speaker, newsjacking specialist and founder of the newsjacking movement. Scott describes newsjacking as the thing that occurs when you use the biggest, hottest news or human interest stories of the day and piggyback off of it by inserting your own content to draw attention to you, your business, and your brand.

When your target audience, ideal prospects, and potential customers are alerted to a new, hot trend, they WANT to learn more and some even want to BUY now.

I know that you’ve seen brands, social media experts, and business owners do it, but you haven’t given it much thought until you saw THIS content.

There aren’t any rules about newsjacking, but I caution you to use common sense when deciding which stories or topics to newsjack. Ask yourself, is the story or topic relative to your brand? If you are the everyday human audience member that will be viewing your newsjacked content, will it make sense? Will they understand the idea you’re trying to get across? Or will it be taken as offensive? Keep these points in mind when you’re deciding which stories to newsjack.

The best and most beneficial way to newsjack is to have other approached already in place. Your newsjacked content doesn’t have to stand on it’s own. Think of it as a doorway to lead your audience through to see the bigger picture, the products, and services you offer. It’s how to stand out and be seen and leads people to the promised land, your website.

Use these 4 strategies to enhance your newsjacked content to get more clients.

  1. Comment on other people’s content.

Since the content is already popular, there are many opportunites to comment and share your opinion.

Kristin Mejia, founder of exBreastYourself started a movement when she commented on a story about a woman breast-feeding in public. Now, she advocates for women everywhere to have the option to fee their babies in a safe, clean environment.




  1. Add editorial content to your pages.

Hot topics are on everyone’s mind, so engage your audience by adding something for them to think about and link it to a trending topic.

  1. Share relevant content

Create images, articles, videos, and blogs that relate to your business and brand and tie in with a trending story. Your audience will want to share it because it tiens in, makes sense, and adds to the story.

  1. Cover all angles

A trending story always has more than one angle that keeps it interesting. Do like the news agencies and ask yourself “What else does my audience want to know?” Then give it to them.

By keeping these 4 strategies top of mind when you create your posts in relation to your newsjacked content, you will;

  • Provide your expert opinions
  • Build thought leadership
  • Get your key messages out
  • Be seen as the authority

And in the end, get more of the right clients as a result.

Discover How

The How-To-Tutorials show you step-by-step how to find the trends that are the right fit for your business and then explain how to jump on them and ride them all the way to the bank.

Watch the video below to discover what’s holding your business back from being successful using newsjacking.



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